Who We Are?

We are a small, Locally owned, Mom and Pop Shop.

The Bookshop on the Avenue opened more than 33 years ago in the heart of Lynchburg City and has been providing the community with an affordable place to buy used books ever since. Remember: when you buy locally the money you spend stays in the local community.

We have three floors of books, movies, vinyl records, cds, and more. We get new stock in every day we’re open.

Over 130,000 titles to shop from

We have over 130,000 titles including book genres like: religion, religious fiction, westerns, fiction, history, self-help, biographies, children’s books, and many more!

As always: the prices are on the first page in pencil.

Thank you, from the Owners

Maggie & I would like to thank all our faithful customers all these years for keeping us alive so we could serve you with inexpensive books. Helping you have a good time and to travel all over the world through the experience of reading… whether it is Fiction or non-fiction. Thanks so much.